A better view of Lisbon on board the Yellow Bus

If I were not alone, I would have explored Lisbon on foot. On the other hand, buying the two-day ticket from the hop-on hop-off tour was more than worth it. It was a bit hard to locate the pickup points. These were marked on the map that I got but I’m really bad at maps and direction. Also, I think a small sign like this is hard to locate:

But getting lost a lot of times added more sense of misadventure. Once I got on the bus, I enjoyed every minute of it. There were other tourists so I no longer felt so alone.

Being on the bus also made more apparent to me how bad some roads are in downtown Lisbon:

Above all, it gave me a better view of sights like these:

I love Lisbon!


Exploring Lisbon Hills

I have never imagined that Lisbon is such a hilly place, which makes it more unique and beautiful! When you have the chance to go there, you must explore those hills on foot or better yet, on board a historical tram. I would have preferred walking but I was alone.

The hop-on hop-off tour that I got includes 1 tram ride and I enjoyed every moment of it. Just like the bus in Paris, the tram was equipped with the audio tour guide. The hop-on hop-off tour also comes with a pair of earphones.
Do you know that Lisbon is known as the “cidade das sete colinas” (city of the seven hills)? The legend says that the city was originally built over seven hills. I forgot how many are “left” though. I just remember about the strong earthquake that greatly devastated Lisbon.
The rain had just stopped when the tram tour started so there are still rain drops in the photos. 🙁
Anyway, I hope you’ll still enjoy looking at the photos I took during the tram ride:Here’s also a video for you…

My Lisbon adventure didn’t end here just yet 😉

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