Stress and weight gain

For the past months, I’ve been under a lot of pressure and stress at work and other personal issues. When I reach my bedroom each day, I wish for a bigger bed adorned with peacock alley luxury bedding and really soft pillows. A surround sound system would be great, too, so that I could listen to mellow music while reading a good book in bed. But since I don’t have these (except for good books), I often resort to what I can easily acquire: food! Some lose their appetite. I do, too. But then I crave more sweet food. Previously, it was ice cream. Recently, I’ve been taking trips to J.CO Donuts & Coffee, resulting to adding more unwanted pounds. If this goes on, I’ll definitely reach my limit again real soon! But then I would like to think it’s J.CO’s fault for selling really delicious donuts! 😛

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