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I’ve had acne since I was a teenager. My mother took me to a dermatologist and it just made my facial condition worse. I’ve tried almost anything and avoided food that might worsen the condition but the acne just won’t go away. Even when I’m way past my teens, acne still bothered me and it drastically lowered my self-esteem. I avoided people because some are just too forward to ask me what happened to my face! If I had known I would have found the solution, right?

Thankfully, I came across Bella Skin Care products. I like their Blemish Control Gel because it helps control my acne breakouts. Their moisturizer is great, too. I have really oily skin and this moisturizer doesn’t make my skin really sticky at the end of the day. Their products are just too pricey though so I have to try making one bottle/tube last for at least a month.

Good thing I’ve found this online shop: GBI Online Shop. They have discounts on some products, they offer free delivery if you spend at least 80 dollars, and they have freebies! If you buy any Svenson product, you’ll get a free session at the Svenson Hair Care Center. I had three but I was too busy to go there.

By the way, this is not a paid post. I’m just trying to help others who are fighting against acne and bruised self-esteem. But then, how I wish I could get something from this! ^_^


Thursday Thirteen #17

It’s been more than a month since I’ve posted my last Thursday Thirteen. I’m glad I’ve got the mood to write my list again. 🙂

I’ll reveal some of the steps I’ve taken to battle off an enemy for over a decade: acne. I was so desperate (and still am), that I even did some idiotic unique things just to get rid of it.

(1) I’ve been using Shiseido’s Pimplit for a few months. So far, so good.

(2) I heard from a friend that Cutina, an over-the-counter medication here in Japan, is effective. But I guess it really depends on some physical factors, because I think it made my acne worse.

(3) When my father was still working in Saudi Arabia, he often brought home Magic Cream. But my father’s now retired, I ran out of supply, and it became hard to find that certain brand (I forgot the brand name).

(4) Natural Living’s Aloe Vera Jelly was also effective and I can’t remember why I stopped using it.

(5) A friend from college used Chin Chun Su beauty cream. In a way, it helped minimize the pimples but it made my face and my neck skin abnormally lighter than my arms’ and it felt weird so I stopped using it.

(6) San-ing Cream also had the same effects as the Chin Chun Su.

High school days…
(7) I also tried applying aloe vera THE plant. I can’t remember if that was effective, but growing aloe vera wasn’t easy.

(8) Of course I sought the help of the dermatologists but no medication seemed to work!

(9) I think I’ve tried scrubbing my face with every kind of Eskinol. It helped only a little. After all, it’s only a cleanser.

(10) Queens bathe in milk, you say? So I’ve tried washing my face with fresh milk, then leaving it on overnight. It made no difference, aside from the unpleasant smell and the sticky feeling.

(11) Perla soap. To those who are not from the Philippines, Perla is a laundry soap. Many claimed that washing your face with it then leaving it on overnight could eliminate those uglies. But all I got was the burning sensation in my face, sometimes in my eyes!

(12) Face mask from egg whites, then leave them on overnight. How I hated the smell and my scary look when I wake up.

(13) The craziest of all: my mother brought me to an albularyo/folk healer! I was 13 years old at that time and I was made to believe that “curses” might have caused my pimple outbreak! To prevent more outbreaks, I had to wear an amulet! Yep, wear an amulet to prevent pimples. haha! (This is really embarrassing but I can’t help laughing at my stupidity when I think about it. All for acne’s sake!)

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