Liar Game

More than 2 weeks without a blog post! Shame on me. I was so busy with work got caught up in the Japanese Drama, “Liar Game“. One of the things I don’t like about me is that once I find a drama or anime that I like, I finish the series as soon as I can. Because I love this series, I’m done watching Season 1, Season 2 and the movie in less than a week!

So what’s this show all about?

It’s about Nao Kanzaki, a “stupidly” honest (as she is described in the series) college student being caught up in a game that forces the players to trick each other out of their money. Failing to do so would mean owing the Liar Game Tournament (LGT) office 100 million yen! It’s the worst game to be in for Nao who easily puts her trust in all people. She sought the help of Akiyama Shinichi, dubbed as the “Genius Swindler”. At first, Akiyama agreed to help in exchange for 50 million yen but gave the money back to pay off the debt of another player. Akiyama kept on helping Nao because his mother and Nao were so much alike. Nao and Akiyama worked together to win each round, yet they used their winnings to pay off the debt of the “losers”.

One very interesting character in this series is another player named Fukunaga Yuji. He’s interesting firstly because he’s a retro-mushroom-head guy. Fukunaga is very good at tricking other people and Nao usually falls into his traps. Later he becomes one of Nao’s trusted allies, although not all the time. You can never fully trust this guy. I definitely hate this character but without him, Liar Game would be boring. You’ll find out if you watch this series.

Toda Erika and Matsuda Shota acted out their part really well. Matsuda Shota didn’t stand out much in Hana Yori Dango but in this series, I became a huge fan.

I rate this show 10/10. The plot is great, there’s so many unexpected turn of events, and I owe many of the breath-taking scenes to the great sound effects.
For me, this is the best Japanese series and movie I’ve ever seen. Yes, way better than Death Note. 🙂


The best duet ever

I’m a bit sad because Jessica Sanchez didn’t win, but I like Phillip Phillips so it’s cool. But I can’t just stop playing Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holliday’s duet/showdown.
Simply heart-stopping and jaw-dropping! The best performance ever in American Idol history!


Bathroom singer

I basically stopped watching American Idol when Simon Cowell left. I find it really interesting when one of the judges is just hard to please. I actually agreed with most of Simon’s comments. But when my friends started posting in Facebook about Jessica Sanchez, I was intrigued and watched her videos. She really is so talented. I love her voice so much. Just like many people, I envy those who are gifted with great voices: Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Charice Pempengco, etc.

I have dreamed of becoming a singer. I even almost joined a singing contest in my hometown when I was 7 years old! But my father told me I was really out of tune! After that, I stopped singing in front of other people. Now that I am all grown up, I’m still not comfortable but when doing karaoke with friends, I can sing a few lines. Even with the help of good ol’shure microphones, my voice is a hundred fold far from Jessica’s, but I really enjoy singing especially (when I’m all alone). And yes, I was a bathroom singer. I stopped being one when coming to Singapore. I am uncomfortable about my housemates hearing me sing, and not that they really care. 😛


The Kitchen Musical

Months ago, I heard about Karylle and Christian Bautista having a project here in Singapore. The first thought that came to mind was that it would be real cool if I could bump into them here! I’m ashamed to admit it, but I only had little interest in the said project, until I saw the preview. Karylle and the rest of the cast are doing a magnificent job! Now, I can’t wait to watch this in October.

UPDATE: Another video has been uploaded (thanks to Chris for putting in a comment with the link. Beware, you’ll have a hard time stopping yourself from dancing to the beat while watching this:

I have to admit, I’ve been watching this video over and over again.

For updates, just go to their Facebook or Twitter page.


FPJ Movies

A Fernando Poe Jr. film was shown this afternoon by a local TV channel and this brought me back to memory lane. FPJ will always be my favorite local action star and my favorite film was the “Ang Panday”. One of the reasons why I love FPJ films was Paquito Diaz who often played the antagonist roles of FPJ films and who could be often seen smoking like one of those Drew Estate cigars. I wonder who would emerge as the next legendary action star in the Philippine films. Someone who could leave a lasting impression as FPJ.


Had no idea cable TV shows rock

Iligan City is a small place but I think it already had telephones and a cable TV company in the 1980s. I could still remember tagging along my mother to one of her friends’ house in the “city” to receive a call from my father who was in Saudi Arabia. Our house is about 30-45 minutes jeepney ride away from Iligan City but telephone lines didn’t reach us until late 1990’s, and so did a cable company. Unfortunately, we found the cable fees very expensive so our parents did not get a subscription. So, we grew up watching only the local TV shows and a few foreign TV shows.

When I went to college, it was the first time I heard about HBO, MTV, AXN, etc. Until now, I’m still not that familiar with cable TV shows because we often just tune in to TFC. So, when I saw this video, I didn’t have any idea who Howie Mandel was! If I were in the U.S., I’d easily fall prey to the show’s pranks. Anyway, just imagine being asked by Howie on items on sale at But it would have been better if he was wearing one of his disguises.

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