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Sunka, a Japanese restaurant

As a Japanese food lover, I want to find out how different are the Japanese dishes in every country that I get to visit. (Now that I mentioned it, I realize I’ve never tried Japanese food when I went to Paris).

One of the Turibus stops was a shopping mall in Mexico City called Reforma 222. When I saw the Japanese restaurant Sunka, I knew I had to try it. Getting inside was a bit intimidating at first because I’d be eating alone again. At the same time, I was worried nobody among the restaurant staff could speak English nor Japanese (and no one could).

There was no need for English at all, thanks to the menu with photos.
I took the Menu Osaka and here’s what I got:
The first sushi that I’ve tried in Mexico. Didn’t taste like sushi at all because I could only taste the cream and white cheese. I thought at that time I ordered the wrong sushi.
At least this grilled chicken tasted “Japanese” and it helped get rid of the cheese aftertaste.
I was extremely full when the dessert was served. I liked the one on the left-most stick. It was banana with cheese, I suppose. But I can’t remember eating something like this in Japan.

Even if I wasn’t really satisfied with the taste, I would still go back there because the place was really nice. It was a great place to eat and have a long chat with a friend.


Mangoes in Mexico

For me and for most Filipinos (maybe even all Filipinos), Philippine mangoes are the best in the world. Here in Singapore, mangoes are easy to find but I’ve never found mangoes from my country. I remember seeing Philippine mangoes in Japan and it was expensive.

When I was in Mexico, I was very delighted to see mangoes in the grocery store nearest to the hotel. They looked and smell like the ones from my country. The taste? It’s almost the same as well! And it’s a lot cheaper. Here in Singapore, mangoes are sold at S$10 for 3~5 pieces. In Mexico City, it’s less than S$3 per kilo!

Mexico mango


Food trip in Mexico City

One of the reasons why I loved my stay in Mexico is because of the delicious dishes it offers! In this post, I am listing down the dishes that I love, something that I can eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner for days!


Sorry I didn’t get a better photo. I enjoyed tacos so much that I always forget to take pictures. This would be the first tacos I’ve ever had. And I instantly loved it! Mind you, the best tacos are at those small taco booths that are only open at night. Tacos definitely go nicely with horchata.


Pozole is a Mexican stew prepared from dried maize (corn), with meat, usually pork, chicken, turkey, pork rinds, chili peppers, and other seasonings and garnish. It definitely tastes a lot better if you put lemon and a hot and spicy sauce. I usually get the small bowl otherwise I would have trouble finishing it.

Sopa de lima or Lime soup

I’m not sure if this is served in many restaurants in Mexico because according to my colleagues, only that Yucatan restaurant has this soup. It is very tasty. It is sour (of course) but I love it, just like how I love our very own Sinigang.

Arrachera or Flank Steak

I suppose there’s nothing special about how it is cooked. But if the menu of a restaurant in Mexico City has arrachera, I would definitely try it.

There are many delicious dishes in Mexico City that I wanted to try. Most are in huge servings that in most cases scare me, just like this breaded chicken that I’ve tried to finish but failed many times…


El Jaguar

After a long walk at the Teotihuacan Pyramids, we were taken to a restaurant named “El Jaguar”. The tour guide didn’t tell us why it is called as such, but it was a very nice place.

There were even performances while we were having a sumptuous lunch and I managed to take a short video:

My colleagues told me to try the cactus leaves dish (I forgot the name) but I was so hungry that I opted to take the buffet. There was a wide selection of dishes and dessert and it costs 200+ Mexican pesos. I only tried the dishes that looked familiar.


Batam sceneries and food

Finally, the last part of the series of posts about my visit to Batam, Indonesia in June 2011!

Our itinerary included a visit to Vihara Buddhi Bakti Temple. We didn’t go inside the temple because taking photos is prohibited so we just took photos outside:

Another stop was at a factory outlet of branded RTWs. The place wasn’t really big as I expected but the prices are maybe the same as in Greenhills (in Manila) :D. I didn’t buy anything because I still find the items expensive. I told myself to just wait for sales in Singapore. Across the factory outlet was a Batik shop. It wasn’t that big but it was a good place to buy cute souvenirs.
The building in the photo below is right across the Batik shop:

We moved from one place to another by bus provided by the travel agency so I didn’t have the chance to travel in “Batam” way. I noticed many vans and motorbikes though. I wonder if people use vans as public transportation, just like in the Philippines?

The last stop was at the Batam City Square (BCS). We were given about 2 hours to shop but my friends and I opted to splurge on food. The prices on the menu looked intimidating with many zeroes on it. I had to remind myself again and again that 1SGD is about 7,000 Rupiah!

I was still so full from lunch so I just ordered pasta and iced cappucino. When we got our bill, we were surprised and delighted because we only had to pay about 7SGD each! Here in Singapore, a meal at a restaurant would cost you at least 15SGD, without drinks!

I actually felt at home in Batam. In many ways, it reminded me of Tagbilaran City in Bohol.


Curry Crazy

I loved the Japanese curry at the Manpuku in Tampines 1. Each time I treat myself with that curry, it felt like I’m in Japan.

A friend and I craved for curry a while ago but much to our dismay, the restaurant is closed. There was a renovation going on. I just hope they won’t replace the area with another shop!

Thankfully, Ms. CQ recommended the curry at Kim Gary’s (in the same mall). It wasn’t the Japanese style, it had coconut milk and it was pork! It was spicy and hot but definitely one of the yummiest curry I’ve ever had!

The price was almost twice as the Japanese curry that I used to eat so I won’t be eating this curry as often as I ate the Japanese one. The Japanese curry was 7.50 dollars, while this one was approximately 13 dollars (GST included).


Android and photos

I was very contented with my non-smart (thus, wifi incapable) phone for a few months, until I went to Kuala Lumpur with friends. One friend has an iPhone and the other one has a Samsung Galaxy Tab. Every time we got into a place with wifi, we stop talking to each other because both of my companions were so busy checking-in and updating their Facebook status! While I had nothing else to do but observe the people around me. Fortunately, I do take a couple of books with me when I travel. That experience made me decide to get myself a phone that is at least wifi-capable.

Almost everyone is holding an iPhone, and I didn’t want to jump on the bandwagon. Also, I wanted a phone that has a keypad. Old-fashioned I may sound but I’m not comfortable tapping on the screen all the time. Thus, I got myself a Samsung Galaxy Pro. The price is fair and performance-wise, I’m very satisfied with it. I agree that the good thing about iPhone is the thousands of apps out there, and I have to admit that I do love the instagram. Fortunately, I was able to find something similar in Android. From then on, I was like a mad lady taking and uploading photos, especially of food!

McFlurry Oreo

Yakisoba, hot & spicy pork, miso soup

With less color, it no longer looks delicious anymore. I hope Sony will sell cameras that are wifi-capable. Samsung already released a camera with wifi but I love Sony. Maybe their Sony Ericsson phones have great phone cameras?


Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice

These past few weeks, I’ve been craving for Japanese dishes. Fortunately, there’s Manpuku near my place. Unfortunately, because it is so accessible, I’ve been eating a lot and gained weight!

Here’s my favorite, thanks to a friend who recommended this to me. I’m wary of trying out Japanese food here in Singapore, having been disappointed many times. Yet this one, is really oishii (delicious)!

You can find this delicious Japanese curry at Manpuku, Level 3 @ Tampines One

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