The GM Diet, Take 2!

Because of the upcoming photo shoot, Geo and I feel the need of shedding a few pounds. Most of us, myself included, look a lot bigger on screen. So, I have decided to try GM Diet again. I tried it a few years ago and shed 1.5kgs in a just week!

To those who haven’t heard of the General Motors Diet or GM Diet, it is a weight loss program that could help you get rid of excess pounds within 7 days. I don’t and will never aim to have an A4-waist, that crazy “beauty” standard going around China (I don’t find it beautiful by the way). Also, I don’t think I would ever achieve that. I just need something to kick-start my decelerating metabolism.

What I like most about GM diet is that it helps me with detoxification and get used to eating veggies and fruits. For someone who is not really fond of eating veggies, this is a huge help. The last time I tried GM diet, it helped me overcome my Coca-Cola addiction.

I will be eating just fruits and veggies and strict amounts of meat and rice this week, so I took the advice mentioned in the website – consume starchy food the day before the targeted week. So, behold, today’s dinner:

GM Diet preparation
I’ll temporarily say sayonara to you…

So, what’s for my meals in the next few days?
GM Diet preparation

Yup, only these fruits and veggies. Since winter has just ended, we don’t have much options. And these cost me a lot, around 50USD! ๐Ÿ™ I am a bit worried about not finishing the one-week plan due to budget constraints (payday is still a few days away). But we shall see. Wish us luck! ๐Ÿ˜‰

For details on GM Diet, visit:


zChocolat’s Easter Duo : Back to basics yet heavenly taste

I have never tried Easter Egg hunting yet, my excitement when I received this package could be comparable to being in one.

zChocolat's Easter CollectionzChocolat's Easter Collection

I instantly became a fan of zChocolat when I took that first bite! This one came with that booklet explaining their chocolate varieties. I often savor each piece, try to guess what made those bursts of flavors inside my mouth, then look it up. Everything in those treasure boxes were like masterpieces. So, will I have the same reaction as the other collections?

Behold, zChocolat’s Easter Duo:

zChocolat's Easter Collection
Box #1: Shaped into seashells with no fillings are the three most basic varieties: white, milk, and dark
zChocolat's Easter Collection
Box #2: Shaped into eggs and animals are still the three most basic types but with the same nutty fillings

I would like to think that this combination was made just to remind us of having a new beginning. It is Easter, after all! And if you think that this made these pieces less impressive than ones listed in the booklet, you’re gravely mistaken. Because there are no other infused flavors, you get to enjoy how creamy the milk chocolates are! I maybe biased because I love dark chocolates, but these pieces are the best dark chocolates I have ever tasted. I like how the bitterness explodes in my mouth and it stays there for quite some time. The milk chocolate is somewhat in the middle – it tasted like the perfect combination of the milk and dark chocolates.

I was curious so I ate these three flavors one after another. Depending on the order, the experiences were not the same yet comparably delightful.

The ones with the fillings were even more delectable. The nutty filling and the white chocolate shell blended so well, from the first bite down to the last. The white chocolate did not mask out the taste of the filling but enhanced it. It brought out the feeling of being enveloped by bubbles – comforting, heavenly and light!

The milk chocolate shell made the nutty filling even more nutty. As I savored each bite, it felt like the nutty taste would never go away. It felt like falling into a deep well. The only frustration that I felt was when everything in my mouth completely melted away. And my favorite in this collection: dark chocolate shell with the filling. I tasted more of the dark chocolate shell, but every time the nutty flavor came up, the experience becomes more enjoyable. The nutty flavor became something I looked forward to. The nutty taste disappeared first but then I love dark chocolate.

Easter is still a few days away. Getting one of these collections is definitely worth it. This would be something that you and your family would enjoy. I am definitely gonna gift my family and my special someone boxes of zChocolats!


It’s White Day in Nagano. Literally.

It is White Day in Japan! So, I got these delicious yet I-am-so-gonna-regret-later-for-eating goodies!

White Day sweets from colleagues

To those who haven’t heard of White Day, I would like to call it as the ladies’ day. Here in Japan, ladies give chocolates to guys on Valentine’s Day. Then guys, in return, give something to the ladies on March 14, the White Day. Though in most cases, these exchanges do not imply romantic interest. Women usually give out “giri-choco” or “obligation chocolate” to co-workers on Valentine’s Day. I just love giving out chocolates to both male and female co-workers because that’s how we do it in my country.

But what came as the real treat for me was… lots of snow! Growing up in a tropical country has developed my longing and love for snow. Two winters here in Nagano and I still love snow despite my small accident a few weeks back. Not to mention I am having a harder time to catch my train in the morning!

It started snowing last night and it kept snowing until a few hours ago (it is 10:30PM already). You can’t blame me for loving snow. Just look at the magical views it creates:

White DayWhite Day

I might be staying here in Nagano for a while, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I would not come to hate snow. Not before I get to try skiing or snowboarding!


The best chocolates for that someone who has the toughest job in the world

A video has been circulating in Facebook about the toughest job in the world. You have to work 24 hours a day, yet you don’t get paid. And if you have seen the video, it is the job of being a mother. I am a mother, too. Even if I don’t like it, I am alone in this foreign land away from my princess. I will save my story for another post, but May is only a few days away! It means that the special day for moms is also around the corner! Have you already decided on the gift for that special, brave woman?

If not, let me give you a great idea. It is something that every woman loves (maybe even you). It is perishable yet it could give that special woman blissful and exciting moments while eating them! Yes, I meant CHOCOLATES! But, I don’t mean just any chocolate… try zChocolat from France!

I had the privilege of receiving zChocolat’s Mother’s Day collection. Even by just looking at the packaging made me feel special already.

The collection had 30 pieces of uniquely-flavored chocolates and a booklet that came with it describes each piece. Each piece had a distinct taste and each bite will give you a unique experience!

30 pieces is just too much for me and I felt that it would be a greater experience if I share them with friends, so I did. Savoring the taste while guessing the flavors was so fun!

I have put together some favorite comments from my friends and myself. Take a bite of one of these gems, and I am sure you will also be singing the same tune! And be warned, once you’ve tasted them, you will never forget about them!

  • Chocolates 1, 3, 8, 20 and Z-white
    • “All of them were to die for”
  • #23, a silky ganache of 62% dark Venezuelan chocolate
    • “Really good the flower stuff really comes through… tastes a seduction chocolate!”
  • #24, 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate ganache
    • “Very smooth chocolate, reminds me of easter morning chocolate. Just like kind of that childhood dream of chocolate when you were still small and chocolate was the center of the universe…”
  • #15, a refreshing and acidulous lemon-almond paste
    • “At first, it didn’t taste that good. But when the lemon taste came out, it felt like opening a very nice present.”
  • #21, a tender almond paste perfumed with a delicate hint of rose
    • “The hint of rose slowly kindled some kind of emotion and while the flowery taste slowly left my taste buds, I felt so relaxed. The sensation was like that of a very good massage!”

  • Z, the flagship Z chocolate
    • “With two levels of taste, the cream of caramel flavor was just the right sweetness and very delicious. It was the most delicious chocolate I ate recently.”

Mothers, by nature, love to share even to the point of having nothing left for her. So don’t skimp on the gift! Make her feel special not only on Mother’s Day but everyday. And yes, I am pretty sure she will share the chocolates with you. All the more reason to buy this Mother’s Day collection, don’t you think? ๐Ÿ˜›

You still have a lot of time! The delivery is so fast that you will be able to receive it in two days after placing the order!


Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Japan

In Philippines, Valentine’s Day feels just like Christmas but with lots of red, chocolates, flowers, cute stuff and cheesy dedications. We give such presents to people we feel like giving to. But generally, it is like a special day for women.

Here in Japan, it is all about chocolates and/or sweets. The catchy part is that women are the ones giving chocolates to men. Well, kids and teens do this, too. Chocolates are given not only because of romantic reasons. They also give to male family members and friends. If the recipient is someone special, then that would equate to special and expensive kinds of chocolates. If it is personally made, the better.

I was told that if a girl likes a guy, giving chocolates to that guy is a way to confess how she feels. If the guy likes her back, he will give her something on March 14, called “White Day“.

Then there’s something they call “giri-choco”, which means “obligation chocolate”. ย Usually given to co-workers and acquaintances, giri-chocos are relatively inexpensive. But if I have the money to buy nicer kinds of chocolates, I would. ย I just want to make everyone smile. And yes, I gave out giri-choco in the office on February 13th, not only to males but also females.

Our department is so huge so I only intended to give out to my teammates (more or less 30 people). I wrote about 30 notes and attached it to the chocolates. However, I didn’t realize that I bought quite a lot so in the end, I was able to give others outside the team. Two ladies were so delighted to receive something from me that they gave me a pack of cute cookies.

So, what did I do on THE Valentine’s day? I went out alone and headed to a lake a few minutes from where I live. I have been planning to visit the lake and I’m glad I finally did. I went there late in the afternoon, just in time to catch the sunset. It was very cold but I enjoyed the refreshing walk. It was a great physical activity, too as the lake is about 30 minutes on foot from the train station!

I have tons of photos to share and my posts get delayed because I am so lazy to upload the photos. Fortunately, my Sony xPeria Z3 automatically generated a movie for me! How cool is that?

All photos and the photos in the movie were taken using Sony xPeria Z3.


zChocolat: Not Just Any Chocolate

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Confused on what to give or tired of giving the usual stuff? I suggest you try something different yet personal. When I received that one box from France, it contained something unusual, absolutely delicious and gave me an unforgetable experience.

Handled with care

When I took out what’s inside, it warmed my heart! To hopeless romantics like me, a wooden box with the wooden key could mean a lot. For me, it is just so romantic. (Not to mention that I love collecting boxes.)

See that metal plate on the box? It has my name engraved on it. It makes the gift more personal.

So how were the chocolates? One word: AMAZING! I received the Valentine’s Day Ruby collection. It had 12 heart-shaped and 15 rectangular ones. I have to admit, I don’t go crazy over chocolates, I don’t even crave for them. But zChocolat just blew my mind (my taste buds) and melted my heart!

I shared some pieces to my Japanese friends and colleagues and they were as pleased as I was! Let me put their comments here:

  • “Red heart of chocolate was elegant taste and not too sweet.
    Mouth feel is also a mellow, the paste in chocolate melt immediately.”
  • “The foreign chocolate which is famous in Japan is XYZ (I prefer not to disclose the brand name here). I think the chocolate you gave is more delicious than XYZ.”

All of the rectangular ones are described in the booklet that comes with the collection.

I cannot describe all of the pieces here, so I will just mention my favorites. Mind you, it was a tough call because each piece is so different yet equally delicious.

  • Number 8, hazelnut from Italy and coffee ganache made of coffee beans from Kenya and Nicaragua, covered in 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate. A mixture of bitter and light nutty flavor. I looked forward to every bite, waiting for that nutty flavor to come up again.
  • Number 5, 62% dark chocolate ganache covered with 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate. I never imagined a combination of dark chocolates could be that delicious. I didn’t want the bitter yet comforting taste to stop!
  • Number 3, caramel mixed with passion fruit, coconut and mango puree covered in 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate. I ate before reading its description. I was expecting to taste the usual caramel but was met by an unexpectedly sour taste that blended perfectly with the dark chocolate. The aftertaste was a hint of coconut and mango.
  • Number 1, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla ganache infused with lavender, covered in Venezuelan dark chocolate. Definitely zChocolat and its surprising yet delightful taste! This is the best dark chocolate with a twist I have ever tasted. I never imagined lavender could be so perfect with dark chocolate.
  • Number 4, Valencia almonds and peanuts from China, covered in 40% Ivory coast milk chocolate. Perfection! The filling becomes more delightful when everything is mixed in each bite.
  • Heart, Mystique. Vanilla caramel covered in dark chocolate. The caramel was not too sweet. The texture and the combination was too enjoyable.

Valentine’s Day or not, this would make a perfect gift. If your someone special loves chocolate, I strongly encourage you to give that person one of the collections. Believe me, it would be worth it. Make it even more special by writing something sweet in that message card, will you? ๐Ÿ˜‰

P.S. I would be so glad to receive one more!

Photos taken using Samsung NX2000 and ASUS ZenFone 5


An afternoon in Sendai

Another late post, about my trip to Japan on August 5-11, 2014

As I have mentioned in my entry in Japan Joshi-Tabi, I finally did something that I have always wanted to do: visit Tohoku, the eastern region of Japan! I bought the JR East pass so that gave me unlimited JR train rides, including the bullet trains. Even when I got on the wrong shinkansen, it was OK. ๐Ÿ˜›

I stayed for a night in Yamagata City and my friend drove me to Sendai the following day. We were supposed to go to the Yamadera Temple or Matsushima but there was a typhoon at that time, evident in the photos below:

The photos above were taken close to the Sendai Station

So, we decided to just walk around Sendai City. I bought myself really cute silver accessories somewhere in the shotengai. And, when you spend your time in the shotengai, be prepared to see something interesting. It is Japan, after all. Guess what I found? “Fatbikes” and they really call them as such. I guess the photos below say it all.

When visiting Sendai, one has to try the gyutan, or the beef tongue. I was hesitant at first, but I am really glad I tried it. We had the gyutan at the Date no Gyutan at the Sendai Station and it was really good! Both the miso-flavored and the salt-and-pepper-flavored gyutan tasted good! Oishikatta!

After my fill of the gyutan, I took the shinkansen going back to Tokyo , hoping to visit Tohoku again in the future!

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All the photos in this post were taken using the Asus Zenfone 5

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