Spending Christmas in Mexico City

I can’t believe that my last post was on November 22! It’s almost a month ago. I have my drafts but have been too tired to upload the photos. Anyway, I’ve arrived here in Mexico City on November 26th and I will be spending my Christmas and most likely New Year’s here. I do hope my lazy self won’t drag me down so that I can do more than just this quick status update. >_< Christmas decorations are everywhere especially in the shopping malls but maybe I haven't explored the city enough at this time of year because I still need to search for the biggest Christmas tree in the city. Despite being away from family and friends, I am happy to meet new friends here and I have secured a gift! With a little convincing to do, I initiated a Kris Kringle here in the office. It felt so good watching people crowd at the wish list posted on the bulletin board. Some backed out at the last minute but at least I could see that people enjoyed the gift exchange. Now it feels like the Christmas I'm used to. ^^


Let me know what you think :)