Singapore Flyer for the first time

I am based here in Singapore yet I seldom post about Singapore. So here goes another post after many months!

One of the main tourist attractions here is the Singapore Flyer. I’ve been passing by this gigantic observation wheel for almost four years, yet it was only last Saturday when I finally got to try it. Our company has some corporate passes and if not for these free passes, I wouldn’t have tried it yet. After all, S$33 is quite expensive for me.

I was afraid that the floors would be transparent, thankfully they aren’t. It’s just a bit scary getting on and getting off because it doesn’t stop. It’s just continuously moving so slow.

One turn takes about 30 minutes, yet because the view was magnificent, we felt that 30 minutes wasn’t enough. I can’t wait to go back at night time. Singapore at night would be undoubtedly more gorgeous.

In the photos above: Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands Hotel

It felt so good seeing a great view from the flyer. Here’s my favorite photo (I wanted to at edit it a bit but…):

I still have tons of photos even after we got off the flyer but I’ll just post this for now, another successful attempt at using my cam’s iSweep Panorama feature:



Let me know what you think :)