On the way to Mexico!

It’s been more than a month since my boss asked me if it is OK for me to go to Mexico. Of course, I said yes, despite the fear of facing a different kind of challenge (facing our project’s customers). I was told that it was urgent so I immediately headed down to the Mexican Embassy to apply for a Mexican Visa. Three working days later, I got my visa. That was two days before the planned flight. And on that day, I was told to delay my trip for two weeks.

I thought it might become like that one time when I was told to go to France then it got canceled. I waited for the confirmation from my boss while being really busy because Mexican customers are coming over to Singapore for a visit. Then last Saturday, I finally got the go signal but I still had doubts.

Now, here I am in the Sky Lounge waiting for the boarding time. Finally I am going to Mexico! But I have to go through Amsterdam first because it is only in Amsterdam or in Paris that Filipinos don’t need a transit visa.

Because of the stress I’ve been experiencing these past few days, I’ll definitely have a good rest in the plane later on.


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