My thoughts on our apartment’s floor plan

When I was in Japan, I shared the apartment with two more ladies. Here in Singapore, I am sharing the 3-bedroom apartment with a couple and another lady. I can’t afford to get the master’s bedroom so I got one of the common rooms, which I got so comfortable with.

To give you an idea of our apartment’s layout, I created the floor plan below. I find those online designer too troublesome, so I used OpenOffice instead.

My bedroom is the one labeled “Common Room 2″ but note that it doesn’t have a door to directly access the common toilet. I share this toilet/bath with the other lady and I have to go through the kitchen first to get there. I don’t mind taking the long way even in the middle night, but what really bothers me the most is the location of the toilet.

It is really too embarrassing to do your thing (a.k.a, No. 2) when someone is cooking or doing the laundry! There were many times when I had to wait it out until a housemate is done cooking or done with the laundry just like what I am going through while I’m writing this and at the same time praying they’ll finish cooking real soon. Forgive me for making this post a bit gross.

Also notice the laundry area. That’s where we hang our clothes as well, yet it is adjacent to the stove! So most of the time I do my laundry at night, then make sure to wake up early to collect my clothes before my housemates start to cook. Otherwise, the clothes will have the fried onion smell. *_*

Our previous apartment had almost the same layout. The common toilet and the laundry area were also adjacent to the kitchen. I suppose all the other HDB apartments are laid-out in the same way? I will never ever put the common toilet of my future home in the same location.

FYI. my housemates are not done cooking yet. It’s been more than an hour. *_*



  1. “I find those online designer too troublesome, so I used OpenOffice instead.” LOL, i know how it feels

    that’s 1 concern about the toilet room surrounded by common rooms in a house..what if you really have to go and you know it would generate “that kind of noise” LOLs

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