IT show wishes

The first IT Show for this year! Yesterday, as the bus I was on passed by Suntec, I saw a lot of people dragging along boxes of LED TVs. The LED TVs are now more than 50% cheaper than a year ago, yet I have not even bought an LCD TV! Almost every IT show, I buy something for myself – either a 10-dollar thumb drive or a 5-dollar mouse. These great buys are reasons enough for me to wade through the crowd. But this time, I have a bigger reason to go there. We need to cancel our current cable TV + phone line + internet subscription and get a better deal. We only have 12Mbps internet connection, but with the new plan but the same price, we can get 50Mbps! Wooohooo! Hopefully, I can a free modem and router.

I wish I had something extra. I was really drooling over one of those Portégé Z830 Toshiba Laptops. I want it more than a tablet or a smart phone. *_*


Let me know what you think :)