Dreaming of summer in Philippines

I don’t like swimming, but I do love chilling at the beach. And the best time to do it is now until mid-May! Yeah, it feels as if it’s always summer in the Philippines, but June to December means having frequent rain and occasional typhoons. February to May means calm seas and sunny days!

How I wish I had enough to spare for a round trip ticket and a short getaway to Bohol or Camiguin! I can almost feel the sea breeze while lying in a hammock.

Well, I don’t have to travel and spend a lot because a few minutes walk from my family’s house is a magnificent place. It’s not blessed with white sands but beautiful nevertheless!

The photos above was taken last January so the weather was not at its best.
You know what I also miss? Fruits that are only abundant in summer! Mangoes, jackfruits, guavas, young coconut, the list goes on.


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