A 5,000-peso house?

I just talked to my 7-year old. She was so confident and excited when she told me that her Tito/Uncle is going to gift her with cash. They had an agreement before that if she finishes this school year with first honors, she will get 5,000 pesos; second will be 3,000 pesos and third will be 2,000 pesos. She told me she really wants to get 5,000. But it doesn’t really matter to me. I am already so proud of her accomplishing so much at her age. I couldn’t remember being able to read English so well when I was her age!

She even made me promise to add in more if I can. I asked her if she wants to buy something and why she wants it so much. I was already thinking of getting her a yamaha apx500ii (at the back of my mind, I want her to be a singer or musician some day). I even expected her to ask for a doll house but she wanted something more. She told me that she wants to help me build a house!

I left her at the care of my mother and cousin and I for once never felt good about it. I have always watned to take her with me but I just can’t. But knowing how much she wants to be with me, really brought me to tears. God has really blessed me with a beautiful daughter.



Let me know what you think :)