She called it “mansion”

I mentioned in one of my posts that after my short trip to Portugal, I just dropped by for a few hours in my place here in Singapore, then took a flight to Cebu and met up with Shaynna, my mother and sister, to attend a friend’s wedding. It was Shaynna’s first time to stay at an inn. It was far from grand, since it only cost me Php1000. The room didn’t even have a single window nor a cabinet, but it was a completely new experience for Shaynna that she even called it a “mansion”.

We went to Carcar to visit my grandmother but Shaynna wanted to go back to the city, to just chill out at the “mansion”. The only good thing about that inn was it is just right in-front of a shopping mall. It is close to Ayala Center, too. I have never been to Cebu again after I left in 2005. I was surprised by the changes.

After a night’s stay in that window-less room, I decided to find another hotel but Shaynna didn’t want to leave. For her, that was already a grand place. Thankfully, after a thorough search online, I found a good discounted room at Mango Park Hotel. The room was much better, bigger, with breakfast buffet. Because of this, Shaynna was more reluctant to leave the “mansion”!

I hope I can take her somewhere again…

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