The day when I said good-bye to Paris and Portugal

I finally came around to writing about the last part of my travel to Paris and Portugal last February!

I only spent 7 days and 6 nights in Portugal but as I looked out from my hotel room, I knew I was going to miss the place. Who wouldn’t miss the place with such a magnificent and peaceful view as this? Not to mention the sumptuous breakfast, the huge bath tub, and the gigantic bed!

I wanted to explore Lisbon more but business trip was up. Staying longer would mean emptying my pockets. With a heavy heart, I managed to drag myself to the airport. I only paid 28 euros for cab fare. I was early and the check-in counter wasn’t open until 2 hours before departure so I managed to take some photos at the airport.

After checking in, I immediately proceeded to the boarding gates. I was surprised to find out that hand-carry luggage inspection in Lisbon is so strict. I even had to buy a transparent plastic bag for my toiletries!
I was still on business class on my way back so the food was great, especially the white cheese. In fact, I got a bit addicted to it.

Maybe because I was different (might be the only Asian passenger at that time) that I was asked to fill in another survey form. I filled in one during my flight from Singapore to Paris.

When I reached Paris, I had to transfer from Orly to Charles de Gaulle airport. The transfer was not hard but it was such a long walk.

Fortunately, I was offered to have my luggage transferred directly to my flight to Singapore. No more check-in was required so I headed directly to the business class lounge.

I wanted to take photos of the other business class lounges I’ve been to but it was not deserted such as in the photo above. I might get reprimanded taking photos with the rich people on it. 😛

All in all, my trip to Europe was great. Indeed, a wish fulfilled and I will forever treasure it. I thank God for that gift.


Let me know what you think :)