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It was almost 3PM when I arrived at the Hotel Real Oeiras. I was satisfied with the in-flight meal, but I was starving after I settled down in my room. I rested for a while then headed down to the hotel’s charming restaurant. I wanted to eat rice but there was none on the menu, so I opted for the pasta with prawn. I am allergic to prawn so I told the waiter to take out the prawn. Having said this, I noticed the waiter’s surprised expression but just ignored it. When the pasta was served to me, I knew why the waiter gave me that expression. Being used to Philippine-style spaghetti, I was expecting to have at least tomato-sauce paste on it and a few slices of bell pepper. But there was none! It was basically just pasta with olive oil! I had to add pepper and salt to give it a little flavor. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a camera with me at that time so I wasn’t able to take a photo.

After a few days stay at the hotel, one became a favorite: smoked salmon sandwich:

It was really good! But eating it almost every dinner was definitely a bad idea. There was one night when I just opted to have the tropical fruits for dinner:

These were papaya, mango, and pineapple slices.
On my last night at the hotel, I tried the soup. I forgot what was it but I think it was pumpkin soup.

The soup was delicious and so was the set of Portuguese desserts:


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