Ankle-deep fun at Vivocity

There were a lot of firsts when Shaynna came to visit me here in Singapore, one of which were the double-decker buses. On their first Sunday here, I took them to Vivocity, Singapore’s largest mall. I decided on taking the bus because I was hoping we could hop into a double-decker. Unfortunately when we reached the bus station, it was just an ordinary one, but my visitors enjoyed the “sceneries”, so the one-hour trip was worth it.

In there, we had lunch, bought Shaynna’s Barbie doll two dresses, went inside a couple of childrens’ boutique but weren’t able to buy something for Shaynna. But my favorite part in Vivocity, which later also became Shaynna’s, was the water feature (as some call it). Many children and grownups alike wade in it so I call it the wading pool.

Shaynna liked it so much that I had to take her there again after we visited Sentosa.



  1. Mel Avila Alarilla says:

    Nakakatawa naman na sa Singapore ay nagbabayad pa ang tao para makapag wade lang sa tubig samantalang dito ay libre ang mag wade sa baha, lol. Kailangan lang ang ingat at baka magka alipunga ka o makakuha nang sakit na nakukuha sa ihi nang daga, lol. Anyway, your daughter seemed to enjoy it so it was well worth it. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. ball dresses says:

    That looks amazing! I can’t imagine any of our malls and shopping centres having a water feature – not even for purely aesthetic purposes. It must be nice after walking around for hours shopping to take off your shoes and have a walk around in some soothing water.

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