PhotoHunt: Curvy

Lots of curves: a curvy path and the curves from the shrines…

Spring 2007 at Toji Shrine in Kyoto

Thank you for visiting and for sharing your photos! Have a nice weekend everyone!

[Especially to those who asked last Saturday]:
Same with almost all of the pictures in this blog and my header, this was taken using my cellphone: Sharp V604SH. It’s already been phased out late last year so I got this unit for only 1 yen upon subscribing from Softbank (formerly Vodafone). Now, they even have cellphones with 5-megapixel camera! But, I still love mine. :)


57 thoughts on “PhotoHunt: Curvy

  1. Your photos always make me long for my trip to Kyoto in December!
    I have ALWAYS wanted to see Japan, esp Kyoto!
    Good choice for the theme!

  2. Pretty scene there, fun visiting Japan in a photo!

    5mp phones? We don’t have anything cool like that in the us, or at least I don’t think we do :)

  3. Japan is one of the countries I would love to visit. Your picture is so nice. It doesn’t look like it was from a phased out cell phone. The picture looks relaxing.

  4. I love to visit the shrines in Japan. So tranquil and beautiful. I can’t believe the pics are taken with your cellphone.

  5. Your cell phone does take very nice photos! I just have to join this century and get me one of those camera phones! Thanks for visiting my photo early

  6. Beautiful shot with the shrine at the background. Cool camera too. I don’t mind having that for 1 yen too… free to me maybe?? **hinting** LOL

  7. Great pic for this week’s theme. Thanks for visiting my blog. BTW, my bay pics were taken in South Wales, in the UK – alas, we don’t have Australia’s lovely sunshine. Have a great weekend!

  8. i would love to go to japan one day. on a side note, i got my phone from japan and it’s a v800se. Sony Ericsson v800.

    i was eyeing on the sharp but it just wasn’t in my budget :P

  9. Thanks for visiting my photohunt on curvy. Apology on the late reply. I always want to visit Japan. I need to revisit your blog for the great information. Thanks again.

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