PhotoHunt: Curvy

Lots of curves: a curvy path and the curves from the shrines…

Spring 2007 at Toji Shrine in Kyoto

Thank you for visiting and for sharing your photos! Have a nice weekend everyone!

[Especially to those who asked last Saturday]:
Same with almost all of the pictures in this blog and my header, this was taken using my cellphone: Sharp V604SH. It’s already been phased out late last year so I got this unit for only 1 yen upon subscribing from Softbank (formerly Vodafone). Now, they even have cellphones with 5-megapixel camera! But, I still love mine. :)



  1. Great pic for this week’s theme. Thanks for visiting my blog. BTW, my bay pics were taken in South Wales, in the UK – alas, we don’t have Australia’s lovely sunshine. Have a great weekend!

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