The Eighth Note Music School

I was in my teens when I started playing the guitar. My brother taught me the most basic of chords and the rest are self-taught. Then I stopped playing for more than 10 years. Now, I’m trying to continue what I started. After all, it’s never too late to do something you love!

Like many learners, I watch YouTube videos but I think it is not enough. All along, I have known that I need to take lessons at a music school. Someone has to point out what I’ve been doing wrong, what I need to do, and how to do it right. So, I was so delighted when The Eighth Note Music School got introduced to me.

They have two schools and I decided to take lessons in their Parkway Centre branch. It’s quite far from where I worked and lived but going there was so much worth it.

The Parkway Centre
The Eighth Note Music School is on the second floor.

The friendly and accommodating teachers and staff, making it more enjoyable learning there. We do love going to places with smiling faces. ;)

It was an hour-long lesson with Hafiz but I learned a great deal from him – strumming basics (which I was really bad at), tempo, finger placements and a I lot more. Now, I still remember and apply what I learned. I feel that I play better now. The acoustic guitars used in the lessons are great to play with, I wanted to buy one just like it.

With Hafiz. Me, obviously having fun.

If I were to stay longer in Singapore, I would definitely keep getting lessons from the Eighth Note Music School. To everyone there, thank you so much for sharing!

Leaking out another secret: I have made public one video of me singing and playing one song with very simple chords. But that was before I took the guitar lesson. When I settle down in a few days, I hope to play another song. :)


Singapore’s Trick Eye Museum

My previous company gave each one of us two free tickets to Singapore’s Trick Eye Museum. I wasn’t able to use it right away because I was so busy. But when I saw the photos posted by my friends, I knew I had to go. The museum is located in Singapore’s Sentosa Island. If you plan to go there on a Sunday afternoon, get ready to queue for two hours at most!

A friend and I decided to go there on a Sunday evening, at around 7PM, and it was a great decision. There was no queue and only a handful of visitors inside. We spent more than an hour there. It was fun yet tedious. Why? You’ll see. ;)

I consider these scenes with difficulty level as “easy”. You just need to smile and maybe sit on air for a few seconds:

The scenes below have medium-difficulty level. These require some acting and I am really bad at it:

These are very difficult. With improved acting (I’m still as bad or maybe worse) and more discomfort, but the photos are really cool:

I’ll let you in on a secret: my favorite photo is the one with the panda. Many of my friends disagree but I laugh at my self more every time I see that photo.

The “skydiving” is the most difficult! I needed to do some kind of a yoga pose (and I don’t do yoga). I thought I wouldn’t be able to get up! And despite my effort, this is a complete failure: I was wearing eyeglasses and that skydiving instructor got slapped by my hair! Who would go skydiving without tying her hair?

I have more photos uploaded in Flickr. Do feel free to browse through.

If you happen to drop by Sentosa Island, don’t miss a visit to this museum. Your 25SGD will be so much worth it. It’s so fun and it wouldn’t hurt to have a cool profile photo in Facebook. :P

All photos in this post were taken using my phone, Asus Zenfone 5 without edits.


1-Altitude Gallery and Bar

1-Altitude, the world’s highest al fresco bar.
I have always wanted to go there and I thank my friends for going there with me last Friday (special thanks to Benny for organizing)! At first, we planned to have a table reserved but it’s just too expensive. We “only” need to spend 100++SGD each! Instead, we opted to pay for the cover charge of $30 for 1 standard drink.

The Viewing Gallery and Bar is on level 63 so you can definitely see all of Singapore. Yes, the view is amazing, as you can see on the photos below:

And this one is my favorite photo of The Marina Bay Sands. I love the green and red lights!

We danced a bit but we spent most of the 2.5 hours stay there chatting. Actually, we shouted at each other as the music was loud.

Some of you might wonder how were the drinks? Well, there’s nothing to expect from the free “standard drink”. I chose vodka with ginger ale and just like all other house-pours, it tasted like they only mixed a few drops of vodka on it. We ordered additional drinks and I opted for my favorite cocktail – a martini, white chocolate martini with almond. It did make me feel tipsy but it was delicious. :)

I still don’t know the best settings for my camera so my photos are still quite poor. So, I just used Fotor to tweak them a bit. ;)


An afternoon in Sendai

Another late post, about my trip to Japan on August 5-11, 2014

As I have mentioned in my entry in Japan Joshi-Tabi, I finally did something that I have always wanted to do: visit Tohoku, the eastern region of Japan! I bought the JR East pass so that gave me unlimited JR train rides, including the bullet trains. Even when I got on the wrong shinkansen, it was OK. :P

I stayed for a night in Yamagata City and my friend drove me to Sendai the following day. We were supposed to go to the Yamadera Temple or Matsushima but there was a typhoon at that time, evident in the photos below:

The photos above were taken close to the Sendai Station

So, we decided to just walk around Sendai City. I bought myself really cute silver accessories somewhere in the shotengai. And, when you spend your time in the shotengai, be prepared to see something interesting. It is Japan, after all. Guess what I found? “Fatbikes” and they really call them as such. I guess the photos below say it all.

When visiting Sendai, one has to try the gyutan, or the beef tongue. I was hesitant at first, but I am really glad I tried it. We had the gyutan at the Date no Gyutan at the Sendai Station and it was really good! Both the miso-flavored and the salt-and-pepper-flavored gyutan tasted good! Oishikatta!

After my fill of the gyutan, I took the shinkansen going back to Tokyo , hoping to visit Tohoku again in the future!

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All the photos in this post were taken using the Asus Zenfone 5


Hanabi (Fireworks) Photos : Fail

I have bought a good camera a few months ago. It is a Samsung NX2000 and it is the most complicated camera that I’ve ever owned. I am satisfied with it but I have had many failures and I am still discovering how to use its features. I am too lazy to read the User’s Guide. :P

When I went to Japan last month, I was really ecstatic to try the “Fireworks mode”. By the way, if you go to Japan in August, you’ll definitely catch one of the fireworks shows all over the country. So, yes, I went with a friend and his friends to a fireworks show in Niigata. Unfortunately, it was raining! Using an umbrella was a big NO and I didn’t bring my tripod. My hands were shaky and I had to take the photos fast otherwise my camera would be soaked! OK… I couldn’t come up with more excuses. :P

The result: really bad fireworks photos. :( Nonetheless, I’m sharing them below.